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I Live For Your Likes
cut-out sticker
5.5 x 73 in • 14 x 185 cm
Multiple Languages


Eric Zamuco (b. 1976, Manila PHL) received his MFA from the University of Missouri in 2009. Having relocated from Manila to Missouri in 2005, to Massachusetts in 2009, and back to Manila in 2012, Zamuco’s body of work has been about filtering his own displaced experience. His subject matter runs the gamut from notions about home, belief, identity, post-colonial narratives, to the need for reclamation of space.  The works which are of a diverse range of media, include sculpture, installation, photography, drawing, video and performance. They not only serve as social commentary but also as self-critique. The intention in transforming the commonplace is to pull the immaterial from banality  and to possibly find knowledge for some kind of human order.



2011 Phoenix Gallery Fellowship Award 2011-2012, New York

2008 Donald L. Bartlett Memorial Scholarship

Winner, Missouri 50, Sedalia, Missouri

Third Place, Visions Photography Competition, Columbia, Missouri

2007 University of Missouri Center for Arts and Humanities Grant Finalist, Foundry Art Centre Annual Juried Photography Exhibition, St. Charles, MO, USA

2005 Ateneo Art Awards, Manila

2003 13 Artists Award, Cultural Center of the Philippines

Vermont Studio Center Freeman Fellowship, Johnson, Vermont

2002 Ayala Foundation Scholarship, Makati City

2000 Finalist, Philip Morris ASEAN Art Awards, Philippines



2016 Visible Currents, Silverlens, Manila

2015 Take Out The Fine China, Centre Intermondes, La Rocelle, France

2014 Another Another, Ateneo Art Gallery, Manila

Private Pool, MO_Space, Manila

2013 Balat, West Gallery, Manila

Site of Marks, Silverlens, Makati City, Philippines

2012 Another Please, Phoenix Gallery, New York, USA

2011 Out of Ordinary Spectacles, Silverlens, Makati City, Philippines

2009 Banal: Sculptural Meditations on the Unfamiliar, George Caleb Bingham Gallery, Columbia, MO

2007 Karga, West Gallery, West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

2004 Fine Line, West Gallery, Ortigas, Philippines

2003 Consisting Upholding, The Corredor, University of the Philippines, Ayala Museum

2002 Vermont Studio Center

2001 Laman, West Gallery, Ortigas, Philippines

2000 West Gallery, West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines



2016  Art Fair Philippines, Manila

2015  City: Remembrance and Reimaginings, curated by Arcolabs, Edwin Gallery,  Jakarta

First Lucban Assembly: Pamumuhunan (Waiting for Capital), organized 

Project Space Pilipinas, curated by Disclab Curation and Criticism, Lucban, Quezon

Off Site/ Out of Site, curated by Back to Square 1, University of the Philippines,  Stud  Farm, Quezon City

2014  Multiple Languages, curated by Leslie de Chavez & Louise Marcelino, Silverlens, Manila

Impetus 3: Constructs of Absence, curated by Karen Flores and Noel Soler Cuizon,  Now Gallery, Manila

I Object, MOSpace for Art Fair Philippines, The Link, Makati

Unbearable Lightness of Being, curated by Leslie de Chavez and Se-Eun An, Finale  Art File, Makati

2013  Hugot, curated by Claro Ramirez and Silke Schmickl for BS1 Projects, Sining Makiling Gallery, University of the Philippines, Laguna

Untuned, curated by Claro Ramirez for BS1 Projects, CCAMS Gallery,  Philippine Women’s University, Manila

Marking Time, Ateneo Art Awards 10th year Anniversary, Ateneo Art Gallery, Manila

2012  What A Mess! Fredrikstad Art Fair 2012, Hydrogen Fabrikken Kunsthall, Fredrikstad, Norway for Small Projects Tromso (forthcoming)

The Hope & the Dream in Filipino, Canon Open Gallery, Tokyo

Supermarket 2012: Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

26th Asian International Artists Exhibition, Ayala Museum

2011 Cosmetic Order, MoSpace, Manila

26th Asian International Artists Exhibition, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul

Close Encounters, MCLA Gallery 51, North Adams, MA

An Exchange with Sol LeWitt, curated by Regine Basha

2010 Puzzling(a)Space, curated by Jeong-ok Jeon and Jammie Chang, Hillver Art Space, Washington, DC

2009 FastX3, White Flag Projects, St. Louis, MO

Happy Medium, Bingham Gallery, Columbia, MO

9 x 12, West Gallery, Ortigas Center, Manila, Philippines

2008 It’s Not Easy, curated by Herb Tam and Lauren Rosati, Exit Art, New York, NY

Missouri 50, Department of Fine Arts, Sedalia, MO

[Im]mediate: The Politics of Time, True/False Film Festival Headquarters, Columbia, MO

2007 Represent, Bingham Gallery, Columbia, MO

Oslo Open, Oslo, Norway

Foundry Art Centre 2nd Annual Photography Exhibition, St Charles, MO 

Southern Comfort, curated by Jet Pascua Galleri 21:24, Galleri 21:25, National Academy of Oslo, Norway

2006 Plurality, George Caleb Bingham Gallery, Columbia, MO

2005 9 x 12, West Gallery, Ortigas Center West Gallery, West Avenue, Philippines

Ateneo Art Awards, Cross Encounters, Rockwell Center

2004 TransCulturalExchange; Tile Project, Cultural Center of the Philippines

West Gallery, West Gallery, Ortigas Center

West Gallery, Glorietta Center

2003 13 Artists Awards, Cultural Center of the Philippines

Urbanisasyon, Kulay Diwa Art Galleries

Densities: Making Sense of Dense Cities, Cultural Center of the Philippines

2002 Recent Works 4, Kulay Diwa Art Galleries

Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh

2001 Depleted, The Drawing Room

Triskaidekaphobia, West Gallery, Glorietta Center

13 Artists Awards, Cultural Center of the Philippines

2000 Philippine Art Awards, Metropolitan Museum

Larawan, Jorge B. Vargas Museum



2010 Puzzling(a) Space Artist Talk, Hillyer Art Space, Washington, DC

2009 Lecture Series, George Caleb Bingham Gallery

2008 Open Laptop, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Art Around Us, Art Studies II, University of the Philippines, Diliman, QC

2003 Consisting Upholding, The Corredor, UP Diliman, QC



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2009 University of Missouri, Columbia MFA Sculpture/Photography

1991 University of the Philippines BFA Visual Communications


Visible Currents, 2016
Multiple Languages, 2014
Site of Marks, 2013
Out of Ordinary Spectacles, 2011

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