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As We Breathe In the Stars
mixed media (acrylic and automotive paint on stainless steel)
variable dimension
Art Taipei 2014


Mariano Ching’s works dwell on the excesses of the imagination. A recipient of the Monbusho Japanese Grant and the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Thirteen Artists Awards, an award given every three years by the government to emerging artists, Mariano Ching‘s fictional landscapes may be reminiscent of childlike fantasies, cartoonish and playful; and may be peopled by grotesque figures, deformed and mythical, but the underlying motif behind each scenery almost always consists of a sequence of revelation, an apparition achieved through a psychedelic state or a rude awakening propelled by the colors and symbols of a mix of shamanistic, Krishna, voodoo, alien or colonial iconography.  Such paradox elevates his work from the mere excursions of the psyche and imagination to a rich, multi-layered narrative that has the ability to engage its audience like a sci-fi novella. He received his education in the University of the Philippines Fine Arts Program and became a distinguished Research Student as a Printmaking Major in Kyoto Arts University, Japan. His works have been shown regularly throughout Metro Manila’s galleries as well as in other countries, in Malaysia, Singapore, and France to name a few.


These Are Happening Without Your Permission, 2015
Multiple Languages, 2014
The Bold Sopranos , 2014
Highway Revisited, 2013
Lost Days, 2013
Ley Hunting, 2013
Ley Hunting, 2012
Pretty On the Inside, 2012
Even Bad Days are Good, 2011
Review, 2010
Saucerful of Secrets, 2010
Dead Ends and False Starts, 2009
New Works, 2008


Dead Ends and False Starts
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Mariano Ching: Retrospective
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Catching Up On Manila's Art Scene: Ley Hunting at Silverlens

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