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Vintage Tennis
acrylic on canvas
72 x 72 in • 182.9 x 182.9 cm
Caught Between Honor and Revenge, How Far Will One Man Go


Pow is a recipient of the ateneo art awards for 1 billion years exhibition in west gallery, Philippines. He exhibits internationally and has worked with different media including sound.His recent group exhibitions include Bastards of misrepresentation  new york and berlin editions, salvation in a nest of vipers in Melbourne, Australia, and complete and unabridged in osage gallery, hong kong. Pow has also held a number of solo shows in major galleries in manila, most recently, dogs playing poker, in manila contemporary.


Pow’s paintings belie their grotesque subject matter with indelibly beautiful surfaces and a wide ranging , daring use of color. Mutants, monsters, demons, deviants, and freaks lurch, sit and appear to transform amidst weirdly lit landscape or disintegrating urban scenarios ,or emerge from a painterly graffito mess, but, as his more abstracted works insist, pow’s ability to render intriguing relationships between forms and surfaces ensure his works are endlessly compelling –an experience akin to a beautiful nightmare



2014 Caught between honor and revenge, how far will one man go, Silverlens, Manila

dogs playing poker, Manila Contemporary, Manila

2013 1 bit, Mo_Space Project Room, manila

         Losing my edge, Pablo Gallery, Manila

         Medieval woodcuts, Finale Art file, Manila

2012 Sploshing, Finale Art File, Manila

         Low Res, West Gallery, Manila

         Cyborg Scallops, Silverlens, Manila

2011 Nature Paintings, NOW Gallery, Manila

Destroyed Planets, Pablo Gallery, Manila

Cut Hands has the Solution, West Gallery, Manila

Easy Listening Paintings, Mag:net Gallery, Manila

2010 march of the pigs, Lost Projects, Manila

hyper blast abomination, Mag:net Gallery, Manila

2009 the brutal gardener, Mag:net Gallery, Manila

one billion years, West Gallery, Manila

2007 pathetic doggy paddle, Mag:net Gallery, Manila



2013 manila vice, MIAM, Sete

pirates, Megumi Ogita Gallery, Tokyo

2012 bastards of misrepresentation, Topaz Arts, New York 

2011 Confessions of a sinner, Manila Contemporary, Manila

Post local, Silverlens, Manila

Greatest Hits, Bastards of Misrepresentation, doing time on Filipino time,

8 Salon, Hamburg

Hide the Women and Children, Mo_Space, Manila

Salvation in a nest of vipers, Y3K, Melbourne

Complete and Unabridged, Osage Gallery, Hongkong

2010 bastards of misrepresentation, doing time on Filipino time, Fries Museum, Berlin

serial killers from tate modern to taksu Singapore, Taksu, Singapore

beautiful inside my head forever, Silverlens, Manila

sirens hall, Mo_Space, Manila

in fairness, Finale Art File, Manila

happily unhappy, Blanc Gallery, Manila

2009 selected memory, Richard Koh Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur

one small step for man, one giant leap for woman, Mag:net Gallery, Manila

welcome to the jungle, Art Informal, Manila

2008 serial killers, Green Papaya Art Projects, Manila

zero percent, Green Papaya Art Projects, Manila

inkling, gutfeel & hunch, Room 307, National Museum Contemporary Art Project

2007 shoot me, Mo_Space, Manila

I have nothing to paint and i’m painting it, Mo_Space, Manila

Sungdu-an 4 “extensions,” Cagayan de Oro University

2006 the blank show, West Gallery, Manila

long goodbye, Mag:net Gallery, Manila

Strait from the source, Future Prospects, Manila

missing vocabularies, Green Papaya Art Projects, Manila

2005 common and uncommon goods, Future Prospects, Manila

other matters, Future Prospects, Manila



2004-2006 Kalayaan College, Painting 

2002-2004 University of the Philippines, Visual Communication




No Singing Allowed, 2015
Caught Between Honor and Revenge, How Far Will One Man Go , 2014
Cyborg Scallops, 2012
Postlocal 2011, 2011
Beautiful Inside My Head Forever, 2010

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