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Bree Jonson (b. 1991, Philippines) received her degree in Industrial Engineering at Ateneo de Davao University in 2012, dismayed by the mechanization of people in factories where she did her thesis in, she found herself becoming an artist afterwards, as a way to feel, live and create. She sought refuge in the natural world around her, influenced by her veterinarian mother and the wild-life filled province she spent her childhood in.

She initally started painting hunting scenes of land animals, interested in the dynamics of the natural world and the insights this provides into everyday life. She says of her work, that they compare to modern day fables, except that they have no endings, no lessons, but are observed instances in human life and psyche,
which are at times satirical, problematic, even hopeful. In doing works about flora and fauna, she wants to bridge the gap between environment and the collective personal, to combat the prevailing notion that nature and environment are merely surrounding decoration as opposed to home and belongingness. With her works, she wants to reinstill the ‘interconnectedness’, man in nature, and nature in man.

She has since then expanded to sexuality and body politics with a new series of underwater creatures, where various flower like fauna are reimagined to
have mouths that resemble different bodily orifices, and are seen fighting, eating, or awaiting for prey. She is also working on a long durational project entitled: ‘Extinction of Experience’, wherein she paints extinct, or almost extinct species that are endemic in particular regions, to reimagine them in their natural habitat, to bring them back to life.

Bree Jonson lives and works in Metro Manila, Philippines.