#Revisit | Dina Gadia on her presentation for the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ 2018 Thirteen Artist Awards

Dina Gadia's artistic practice spans collage, painting, and textile. Visually arresting with a style that exploits the familiar, Gadia’s works are imaginative subversions of cultural codes. For the triennial Thirteen Artist Awards, Gadia showcased her graphic flags and paintings reflecting the signs of the times.

#Revisit | Like Sound Before Words

Bea Valdes is an internationally recognized accessory designer, known for her intricate and handcrafted clutch bags and jewelry. In the years since her exhibit “Bedtime Stories” (2008) at Silverlens, she has expanded her practice to large-scale installation and sculpture. Her exhibit, FLUX (2019), features a felt installation that that quietly evokes lightness and beauty. Accomplished writer, editor, and publisher Raymond Ang wrote about Bea Valdes’ exhibit in this piece below.

#Revisit | Yee I-Lann's notes on The Orang Besar Series

Using traditional art forms, such as batik, and photography, Yee I-Lann’s The Orang Besar Series (2010) is an exploration of the dynamics and complexities of classical power structures. Here, the artist breaks down the many ideas her series touches upon.

#Revisit | [Transcript] Gabriel Barredo on "Opera" (2015)

Shown in Silverlens in 2015, Gabriel Barredo’s Opera invites us to view the body itself, asking us to confront the mortality of the corpse, to contemplate upon its passing and emphasize if not make sense of its beauty. Opera is a wholly immersive experience composed of kinetic sculptures, sound, and light.

#Revisit | Norberto Roldan's Notes on Incantations in the land of virgins, monsters, sorcerers and angry gods

Norberto Roldan’s Incantations in the land of virgins, monsters, sorcerers and angry gods (1999-2018) is a series of textile works honoring the Panay Suludnon, who are the indigenous people of his home province in the Visayas island of Panay. Through this series, Roldan tells us more about the Panay Suludnon and the threats indigenous people face in the Philippines.

#Revisit | [Transcript] Actants by Mit Jai Inn Walkthrough with Curator Erin Gleeson

Known for his boundary-defying paintings, Mit Jai Inn challenges convention in his use of light, color, and structure. Here, the artist extends his homage and playful dissent from the tenets of modernism by venturing into the realm of textiles and weaving. Here, Curator Erin Gleeson surveys the exhibit, explaining the artist’s thought process behind each series, from his early Wall Works to his most recent Loops.

Pacita Abad at Spike Island, Bristol

Skye Sherwin tracks the resurgent interest in the late Philippine painter

#Revisit | The Art of Habit: Gary-Ross Pastrana on His Collage Practice

Contemporary artist Gary-Ross Pastrana reflects on the origins of his collage making, being inspired by Japanese artist On Kawara, and the challenge of building a habit.

#Revisit | [Transcript] "Bare Necessities" Exhibition Walkthrough with Peggy Bose and Patrick D. Flores

The exhibition series Santiago Bose: Painter, Magician revisits the works of late Filipino artist Santiago Bose, whose unique style and oeuvre addressed social and political concerns around the Philippines. Curated by Dr. Patrick D. Flores, “Bare Necessities”, the first phase of this series, focuses on the impulses of Bose’s artistic language and how these are harnessed to produce distinct form, critical discourse, and urgent impulse. In this walkthrough, Dr. Patrick D. Flores is joined by Peggy Bose to discuss selected pieces from the artist’s extensive practice.

Martha Atienza at Silverlens Gallery, Manila

Carlos Quijon Jr on a series of works that consider humankind’s ability to adapt to ecological crises