Announcement of Representation: Nicole Coson

SILVERLENS is pleased to announce the representation of emerging London-based Filipino artist Nicole Coson.

Mediating the Consequences of a Former Filipino Dictator

Pio Abad’s exhibition, Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite offers sculptures that monumentalize the political consequences of Ferdinand Marcos’s dictatorship in the Philippines.

Pio Abad’s “Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite”

Over the past seven years, Abad’s work has engaged, both directly and obliquely, with the cultural legacy of the kleptocrat Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the Philippines with an iron fist from 1965 to 1986. Themes of mythmaking, collective memory, and amnesia are explored in this exhibition without dogma.

Pow Martinez just painted these staircase walls of Palais de Tokyo in Paris

For two weeks in June, the Filipino artist famous for his monsters and ghouls playing about in urban settings, worked on a fraction of the staircase walls of the most unique art space in all of Europe

Pio Abad on Leo Valledor

For One on One in AAP’s July/August issue, Pio Abad discusses his interest in the life and career of Filipino-American minimalist Leo Valledor. Though Valledor witnessed seminal postwar cultural moments in the United States, his practice has largely been neglected. “An ongoing choreography of omission and retrieval has defined art history. Yet I kept wondering how someone ever-present at such defining moments could be forgotten,” Abad writes

Made Undeniable: Interview with Pio Abad

During his three-month residency with Kadist San Francisco this year, Abad continued his dissection of the Marcoses’ political rhetoric via the study of historical materials.

Filipino artists showcase works at one of Europe’s top contemporary art museums

On June 21, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, one of the largest and most sought after museums dedicated to contemporary art, opened its newest exhibit “City Prince/sses,” featuring 50 artists, creators, experimenters, musicians, and designers among others, from Dhaka, Lagos, Mexico City, Tehran, and Manila — capital cities of “third world countries” that have also become synonymous with chaotic and complex urban spaces. Filipinos included are Dina Gadia, Pow Martinez, Ha.Mü, Dex Fernandez, Urban Decay Planning, Leeroy New, Timmy Harn, and Rasel Trinidad (Doktor Karayom).

Artist Pio Abad’s memorials against historical revisionism

Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite is a newly commissioned body of work that draws from multiple histories of exile, resistance, and displacement from the ’70s and ’80s that brought Filipinos to California.

Bea Valdes: When the design process takes flight

The designer uses her toiles, basic prototypes of her finished products, to create ethereal, detailed installations highlighting ‘something you don’t normally expose’.

Splendour: Pio Abad

For his first solo exhibition in Canada, “Splendour,” Pio Abad set a stage upon the Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens.