Artist Pio Abad’s memorials against historical revisionism

Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite is a newly commissioned body of work that draws from multiple histories of exile, resistance, and displacement from the ’70s and ’80s that brought Filipinos to California.

Bea Valdes: When the design process takes flight

The designer uses her toiles, basic prototypes of her finished products, to create ethereal, detailed installations highlighting ‘something you don’t normally expose’.

Splendour: Pio Abad

For his first solo exhibition in Canada, “Splendour,” Pio Abad set a stage upon the Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens.

8 Highlights From the Honolulu Biennial, From Imelda Marcos’s Jewelry Collection to 100 Portraits of Native Hawaiian Leaders

The biennial features no shortage of powerful, thought-provoking artworks that shocked this critic out of her default New York-centric mindset. Collectively, the works position Hawaii at a global crossroads, both culturally and geographically. Sometimes, it was hard to believe that I was still the US.

Conversation with Genevieve Chua

Genevieve Chua is a Singaporean painter who works primarily through abstraction. She employs a method of working that unfurls and reveals the painter's process through diagram, palimpsest, syntax, and the glitch.

Strength in Diversity: Southeast Asia at Art Basel Hong Kong 2019

A surge of global and regional interest and recognition (finally) in Southeast Asian contemporary art in recent years, is undoubtedly what resulted in Art Basel Hong Kong’s gallery selection and programming this year.  It’s major presence throughout the fair, as well as broader presentations at the various Southeast Asia-focused booths is cause for celebration and examination.

This Art Installation at Ateneo's Areté Is Too Big to Miss

Ever interacted with art to the point that you feel like you’re actually part of it? “Everywhere, There You Are,” an art installation by Ling Quisumbing Ramilo and Wawi Navarroza, is a creation that’s not only meant to be seen but also to be experienced with all your senses.

Artist recreates exiled dictator's treasure trove in 3D—but what happened to the originals?

Pio Abad and Frances Wadsworth Jones's replicas of jewels smuggled into Hawaii by Imelda Marcos are displayed at the Honolulu Biennial alongside the social services they could have paid for.

Filipino artists tackle diaspora and identity in Hong Kong

Another Filipina artist showcased at the fair is no stranger to the realities of migration. Having travelled to over 50 countries and lived in places from the U.S., Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sudan, to the Singapore, Pacita Abad built her artistic career on her exposure to diverse cultures and traditions around the globe. Abad’s works inspired by her travels were highlighted in a special exhibit by Silverlens Gallery.

Southeast Asian Galleries Set Their Sights on Art Basel Hong Kong

In the fair’s Kabinett sector, Silverlens will present the work of Pacita Abad (1946-2004), a Philippine artist who lived all over the world, including the United States. The booth will display pieces from her “Masks and Spirits” series.