Eric Zamuco
Exhibition View


Having relocated from Manila to Missouri in 2005, to Massachusetts in 2009 and back to Manila in 2012, Eric Zamuco’s (b. 1970, Manila, PH) body of work has been about filtering his own displaced experience. His themes run the gamut from notions about home, identity, post- colonial narratives, belief to the need for a reclamation of space. After returning to Manila in 2012, with perennial frustrating political climate, corruption, human rights violations, calamities and geopolitical threats to our national sovereignty, the homing impulse is somehow unchanged. This hints that the ongoing need of finding one’s bearings persists. Zamuco’s works, which are of a diverse range of media, include sculpture, installation, photography, drawing, video and performance. They not only serve as social commentary but also as self-critique. The intention in transforming the commonplace is to draw the immaterial from banality to possibly find knowledge for some kind of human order.